Union Jack Crate

This is a cool old crate that I painted in the Union Jack.  It didn’t have a top so Scott made me one out of antique boards and attached it with hinges.  Then it was primed and painted.

 Next came the drafting of all the lines.  Then I moved on to taping off all the red followed by all the blue.  Each color took several coats to cover well and I rolled them on with a small foam roller.

Union jack crate lead shot


 After the paint dried, I distressed certain ares with a sander.  Next came waxing and then I added a bit of dark wax to age the piece.

Union jack crateThe inside got a coat of primer/paint and wax too.


union jack endI found some awesome old handles for the ends.  This is a prefect size for a coffee table and it provides lots of storage!

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