We bought a house!

So a friend posted on Facebook, “Anybody want to buy a house?”.  I answered, “Umm–maybe!”.  It was getting to be time for our girls to move out and be on their own.  They would have to find someplace to live.  Of course we wanted them to be in a safe neighborhood  and finding an affordable place in a safe neighborhood would be hard to come by.  So we went to look at the house.

It was in THE perfect place for the girls.  A block off a major street.  Grocery store a few blocks away.  School and work within five minutes drive for both of them.  PERFECT!  IMG_1750It was a cute little brick house.  Awesome tree in the front yard.   It will be charming with a swing hanging from a limb.

IMG_1334A large fenced back yard.  Perfect for a young family.

IMG_1324A small kitchen that really didn’t function well.  The opposite wall had a fridge and stove right next to each other and they were black.  Much too dark for the space.  We will rip this all out and make a light and bright functional space.

IMG_1331A tiny place for a table and chairs at this end.

IMG_1326The living room could be cute.  The hardwood floors had been refinished although there are some damaged areas.  The fireplace was a good feature.  You can’t tell from this photo but the whole house felt really dark.  Everything is going to be painted light to brighten the space.

IMG_1325This was the dining room.  LOVE the old paneling! This was original to the house.

IMG_1328A small but adequate bath.  The previous owners had tried to update it but it needs some work.  New tile because it wasn’t done well, lots of fixing on trim, and paint.

IMG_1329Two good sized bedrooms.  And do you see that dog bed?  The previous tenants had a big dog.  The whole house smelled so bad that as soon as I got home I had to strip down and wash everything!  The second time we went to look at it, it didn’t smell quite so horrible but I still had to ask what the smell was.  Did they smoke???  I think it was just the dog and I don’t think they were into cleaning.  EVERYTHING was going to have to be cleaned, primed and painted to eliminate that smell!

IMG_1333The basement had potential.

IMG_1332And the laundry, well that would need some work too.  So we are entering into the world of landlords!

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