Kitchen demo

We started the demo on the kitchen at the rental house.  We sold the old range on craigslist since we didn’t want it.  We put the fridge in the basement in case the tenants need extra fridge space.  Then we ripped everything out.  When this house was built, the cabinets were built right to the wall and the wall was the back of the cabinet.  Not so easy to take out in one piece but we were able to salvage a few boards to use for signs later.

IMG_0717See that purple on the wall?  That really dark grape purple?  Well a lot of this house was painted that color underneath the current colors.  The 70’s???  The pretty aqua was the original color in the 50’s.  That was probably beautiful!  I would have loved to  have been there to see it .  The other problems with the kitchen were LOTS of patching the plaster walls,  latex paint that was applied over oil base paint and therefore peeling off. And then paint over wall paper.  UGH!  There was no ventilation so everything  was covered in years of grease and grime. Plus it was dark so we needed to add more lighting.  It is such a small space but so much work!  The prep work is the hardest!

IMG_1684Here are my choices for flooring, quartz countertops, and tile for the backsplash.  Love that tile but my husband was concerned about the deep grooves on the tile.  This is a rental with young girls and I know they will not clean it so we ended up with  something else that was less maintenance.  Here’s the thing with renovations and working so much with your spouse.  It’s HARD!  You see, later, when we are all done, he sees this tile-like he had never seen it before– and I mention that I wish we would have gone with that and he says, “Well that would have been a lot easier.” That’s the kind of thing you want to smack him for. Trust me, there were plenty of times he would have liked to smack me too.  You know that show called “Marriage under construction”?  Well, it’s really like that.   We are still married though.IMG_1692

I found this awesome Kohler sink and faucet at the flea market for $150!  It’s cast iron and gorgeous!  We found the fridge, range and dishwasher on craigslist for $800 total.  The range is a Jenn-air with downdraft and the oven looked like it had never been used!   We sold the old range for $250.  Great deals!  It helps to save money when you can.



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